Our Story

Weddings are beautiful, made of flowers and falls, with dreams spun out to depict reality, as two souls turn mates over a ceremony. This is the most coveted and wondrous event of one’s life. So why not hand it over to the pros who can scan your demands and meet them with an added layer of perfection? We at Lalkar Wedding Planner strive to do just that, and some more, to make sure your wedding turns out to be the most ravishing day of your life.

Established in 1997, under the able entrepreneurship of Mr. Manoj Kumar at Lalkar Wedding Planner, we carry a plethora of experience in event management to back up our claims. With our hands-on experience in the field of events and their auxiliaries, we know just where to strike a chord. It is due to our dedication in developing experiences of a lifetime, that in a span of nearly two decades, we have not only successfully managed weddings, but also expanded our arena to conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, conventions, and more. No matter the scale, every event is a reflection of your values, and we believe in imprinting that soul vision in every aspect, with utmost dedication and integrity.

The Knights behind the Nights

Manoj Kumar

Make way for the man behind Lalkar Wedding Planner. Mr. Manoj Kumar is a founder & Chairperson, a first-generation entrepreneur with two decades of hands-on experience in events and an inherent love for travel which makes him understand the beauty of customs, traditions, and creations, from a global perspective. And thus, he brings forth the best of two worlds; traditional as well as modern, panned on an international level.

Lalkar is where his passion and penchant for quality come together. Known to bring his larger-than-life approach to life itself, Mr. Manoj believes in bringing creativity and beauty to the table. Lalkar Wedding Planner is not just business it’s a curation of the handpicked; best people and skills with Mr. Manoj heading it with his purview, tackling the challenges that come in and the madness that ensues in the moments that follow.

Events are eventful, and he is the man who can turn those around on their heels and make them successful.